fusepak :: About

Fusepak is a small program, that makes it possible to mount PACK or WAD files (used by many idSoftware games, ie. Quake, Doom) under a directory. This is achieved by using FUSE.

Secondary goal of fusepak is to provide simple framework which allows one to quickly add support for another file format.

FUSE is a kernel module and a library that makes it possible to implement filesystem in userspace. Which means that any user can mount such filesystem without having root privileges. More information can be found on FUSE homepage.

Fusepak was started as a project for my lectures on Open-Source Programming. The main goal of those lectures was to write simple project that would be put at the the sourceforge. It was the time of linux 2.6.14 release which finally included FUSE. So I came with an idea to create project based on FUSE. And here it is.