fusepak :: News

2012-05-29 :: Release 0.5

2007-03-16 :: XHTML
Converted site to XHTML 1.1

2006-02-04 :: Release 0.4

2006-01-31 :: More on BMS
I've rewritten almost whole mlbms (it now uses ocamllex, ocamlyacc and my FUSE bindings instead of ocamlfuse). New testing version is available on the BMS page.

2006-01-16 :: mlbms
I've started some new project written in OCaml using BMS scripts. Please choose BMS from the menu to find out more.

2006-01-08 :: Release 0.3
Next release is up. It features:

2005-12-13 :: Release 0.2
Second fusepak release is up. It features manpage for pakmount and some bugfixes.

2005-12-10 :: Website launch
I'm pleased to announce launch of the website for fusepak project.

2005-11-15 :: Release 0.1
First basic version of fusepak is released. It currently supports PACK, WAD and WAD2 file formats.